christian small business owners need structure

When you work for someone else there is usually an established way of doing things. I know that at my first real job, they didn’t put me on the burger broiler and hope that I figured it out. They told me exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

When you own your own businesses, you start off with a blank slate. You don’t have an established way of doing things, and many small business owners make the mistake of keeping things that way.

Many struggling small business owners are struggling partially because they are running around putting out fires every day. They don’t have a method to their business/marketing madness. They just deal with things as they come. That’s no way to grow a business.

I created a video where I talked more about the importance of structure. The bottom line is that structure gives your business the opportunity to flourish. A lack of structure will make you inefficient and will most likely be a business growth KILLER.

Verse Of The Day

Let all things be done decently and in order– I Corinthians 14:40 NKJV

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Jerry Kennedy
Jerry Kennedy

Jesus follower. Founder of Purpose Local. Retired chiropractor. Business & marketing mentor/coach. Podcast host. Father of 3. Work in progress.